In the Jungle System everything is barcode-able, from products and locations to users and printers - barcodes are a core concept in Jungle.

The idea is that any resource can be barcoded and scanned onto with a handheld device.

The Jungle App will bring up context specific information or options based on what it is you have scanned. For example if you scan a location barcode the App will allow you to view that locations inventory. If you scan onto a printer whilst in the warehouse, the app will switch to printing using that printer.

Some important objects that can be barcoded in Jungle are:

  1. Products: These generally come with their own barcode which you will adopt into Jungle.
  2. Locations: When you create a location in Jungle we generate a barcode for it. To achieve optimal efficiency - print these barcodes out and physically stick them on your locations.
  3. Users: When a user is created in Jungle we generate a barcode for them! By scanning onto this barcode using the Handheld App, a user can login with their PIN. Print these barcodes out for users as ID cards to use in the warehouse.

When getting started with Jungle it is important to get your barcodes in order, as getting these organised will allow your warehouse operators to work much more efficiently.


Barcodes can be added and removed using the barcodeAdd and barcodeRemove graphql mutations.

mutation {
  barcodeAdd(input: { barcodes: ["123"], object: { id: "your_location_id", typename: "Location" } }) {

  barcodeRemove(input: { object: { id: "your_location_id", typename: "Location" }, barcodes: ["123"] }) {

It is possible to print these barcodes using your Jungle Cloud Printers. Login to the Jungle Web App and navigate to the Locations page or User profile page. Next to the barcode you will see a "Print" button. If you press this the barcode will print using your selected printer and can be easily affixed to the resource in question.

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