API Keys

API Keys allow machine access to the Jungle GraphQL API.

Who are they for

Jungle API keys are for 3rd party integrators that require connectivity between Jungle API and the 3rd party's services bound to the scope of a Jungle merchant.

To clarify further, in Jungle an integration is a known external system or service provider. Merchants can create connections to integrations with in Jungle.

Integrations are granted access (based solely on need) to Jungle (via the API) using connection scoped API keys.

Obtaining keys

Machine API keys are provisioned for you by the Jungle team. In order to obtain one, please reach out. If you are after a short-lived access token, login to the Jungle Web App and copy the Authorization header from one of the outbound requests using your browsers console.

An API Key is provided when you have a registered integration and a Merchant creates a connection to your integration.

# a simplified example of connecting to an integration
mutation ConnectToIntegration {
  integrationConnect(input: { integration: "example" }) {
    connection {

ℹ️ The above is usually completed by a merchant in a Jungle App, or by Jungle.

The returned API Key can then be used by the integrator to make authenticated requests to the GraphQL API.

However. Generally, you will be provided keys from Jungle.


To authenticate with an API Key, use the Authorization HTTP Header.

Authorization: ApiKey <ProvidedApiKey>


An integration (and thus it's api keys) will have specific operations it can execute.

To simplify, if your integration does not need to create new users in an account, it will not have the permission to. If it needs to update inventory, it will have permission to do so.

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