Configuring Quarantine Locations

Location can be tagged with the quarantine capability to mark them as areas used to store stock which is not fit for sale for whatever purpose.

Inventory stored in such locations is tracked by Jungle however not considered as part of your stock on hand when during fulfillment or pick/pack operations.

Warehouses will typically use quarantine locations to store stock that has been received damaged from one of their suppliers. Our receiving workflows on the handheld app give warehouse operators the option to tag an item as damaged and store it in a quarantine location for later processing.

Configuring a quarantine location

A quarantine location is a location tagged with the quarantine capability. Use the capabilitiesSet method of the Jungle API to set this capability on your chosen child location:

mutation {
    input: { capabilityIds: ["damaged"], object: { id: "your_child_location_id", typename: "Location" } }
  ) {

It is important to decide where you will store this quarantine stock ahead of time. An example warehouse layout might look like:

  • Jungle Warehouse [top-level]
    • Aisle 1
      • Rack A (capability: store)
      • Rack B (capability: store)
    • Aisle 2
      • Rack A (capability: quarantine)

Where you use Aisle 1 Rack A/B to store fit for sale inventory and reserve Aisle 2 Rack A for damaged goods received.

When fulfilling the Jungle System will consider only Aisle 1 Rack A/B for inventory calculations.

You can track stock levels of Aisle 2 Rack A by clicking into it in the web UI or scanning on with the handheld app and inspecting its inventory.

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