Configuring Devices

Jungle used a cloud enabled hardware system to allow operators to seamlessly package, weigh, and label boxes while requiring minimal user input.

title: Device Architecture
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  A[Jungle API]
  B[Mobile App]
  C[Jungle Gateway]
  D[Cloud Printers]
  E[Cloud Scales]


When packaging product using the handheld, and operator can weight the contents using cloud scales and have the weight automatically update against the order fulfilment without any user input.

Upon completing packaging at the press of a button the operator can have the Jungle API generate a label and automatically send and print it at the nearest Jungle Cloud Printer.

Our device network is secure, isolated, and encrypted end-to-end and operates over mobile data networks.

Setting Up Your Devices

When on-boarding with Jungle we will provide you with:

  • A Jungle Cloud Gateway
  • An industrialised mobile handheld scanning device
  • A Zebra Label Printer
  • And optionally cloud scales

To begin un-package your gateway and power it up.

Next un-package the other devices. You will need to connect the printer to the gateway using the provided network cable.

If you have purchased cloud scales you will need to connect it to the gateway using the provided usb cable.


Jungle supports both BYO handheld devices and Jungle managed hardware.

Our mobile app runs on Apple and Android and can easily be configured on your own mobile phone or scanning device. For instructions on configuring your own device see the following links:

  • (Jungle Manual)[]
  • (Zebra TC25 Scanners)[]

Jungle Handhelds are sent pre-configured with the app ready to rock and roll. Simply open the app and login to get started.

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