Configuring Packaging

Jungle supports packaging as a first-class concept through the packaging capability.

In the Jungle System you define packaging types by creating a product for each type of packaging you use in your warehouse and tagging it with the packaging capability. You then do a stock take of your packaging consumables like you would any other bit of trackable inventory that is for sale in a warehouse.

When using the handheld app and fulfilling orders, the operator is able to scan onto the configured packaging if it has a barcode or select it from a list if not. The system will then consume 1 unit of inventory of your packaging, allowing you to track your consumable in real time using the web-app, handheld app, or the API.

Creating packaging using the API

Packaging can be configured by creating a product then tagging it with the packaging capability and additionally setting dimensional constraints on it.

Let's go over a practical example of defining a Large Box packaging carton common in many warehouses.

First create the box as a standard product. Be sure to enter the barcode from the box so it can be scanned on during pick pack.

mutation ProductCreate {
  productCreate(input: { name: "Large Box 1 - 360 x 270 x 100", barcode: "123ABC", xids: ["my_product_0x1"] }) {
    ... on MutationSuccess {
      objects {

Next let's give it the packaging capability and set its dimensional constraints:

mutation {
  capabilitiesSet(input: { capabilityIds: ["packaging"], object: { id: "my_product_0x1", typename: "Product" } }) {
    input: {
      capabilityId: "packaging"
      object: { id: "my_product_0x1", typename: "Product" }
      constraints: {
        dimensionsInner: { depth: 270, height: 100, width: 360, unit: MM }
        dimensionsOuter: { depth: 270, height: 100, width: 360, unit: MM }
  ) {

Next use the handheld app or api to count your inventory of large boxes on hand.

When you next fulfill an order, you will be presented with the box you configured as a packaging option on pack.

After fulfilling the order, 1 unit of this products inventory will be consumed.

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