Configuring Pack Stations

This guide outlines how to configure a pack station within your warehouse.

A pack station is a physical location in your warehouse where goods are packaged for shipping.

They consist of at a minimum some floor space with a table, a printer, a weighting devices, and your consumables used for shipping (boxes, tape, etc).

How to configure a station.

  1. Create a sub location for each pack station in your warehouse.
  2. Give these the store capability
  3. Configure your devices for the station (gateway, printer, scales, etc)
  4. Configure your packaging, and store these at your pack station. Store all your consumables here as well.

And that's it! There are some considerations worth highlighting with pack stations to maintain operator efficiency.

It is desirable to have access to the Jungle Web Console at a pack station, this means provisioning a desktop machine for a pack station. Generally, individual operators will not need or even want access to these, however it is useful to maintain oversight of ALL the orders being processed at the given warehouse for those in leadership positions.

To be more efficient, many experienced Jungle Operators will print out their packaging barcodes onto a piece of paper and stick these on the table so they can be easily scanned. This saves an operator finding and scanning the barcode on a box they are packing items into.

Operators in large warehouse may need to switch between different packaging stations. To facilitate this more easily, print the location barcode of your pack station using our Cloud Printers and stick the barcode onto your table. This way an operator can switch to the location easily.

Finally, operators will generally configure their quarantine locations near where they receive and ship goods.

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